Tuesday, 10 September 2013

10 September 2013

Bit of a German theme this week, quite by accident, but we kick off this week's show with something more Gallic.

Melanie Pain - Black Widow
John: That's Pain as in French for bread and she used to sing with Nouvelle Vague. This is off her album 'Bye-Bye Manchester' which came out last year.

Joanna Gruesome - Sugar Crush
John: A five-piece from Cardiff, that's of their debut album 'Weird Sister' which is out today, so you're bang up to date with it.

Wedding Present - Two Bridges
John: New stuff from these! Be excited! They released this last week on their YouTube channel. No word on whether this is a portent for a new album as yet, but we wait with breath duly bated.

Cover Version Corner
John Kongos - He's Gonna Step On You Again
Happy Mondays - Step On
John: One of those where the cover has surpassed the original in many ways. From 1990 that and the album 'Thrills, Pills and Bellyaches', it made it to number five in the charts. Before that, John Kongos from back in 1971. He's from Johannesburg and that made it to number four. Easily his biggest hit.
Carolyn: So it actually did better than the Mondays even though it's - arguably - less well known.
John: He's still recording, apparently. That track is in the Guinness Book of Records as it was the first record to use a sample.
Carolyn: In 1971? Wow.

Roosevelt - Elliot
John: One of the German tracks I promised. Roosevelt is an artist from Koln and other than that, I don't know much about him.
Carolyn: International man of mystery, eh? Are you sure he's doing it right?
John: Well, people are in this game for different ends. Anyway, I really like that. It's off an EP also called 'Elliot' which is out now and follows his debut album of last year which we played something off.

Applescal and Ryan Davies - Creatures
John: We played a track from Applescal, Amsterdam producer Pascal Terstappen that is, a while ago - Spring And Life - which went down really well. Now he's teamed up with Ryan Davies from Germany and produced an EP called 'Creatures' from which this is the lead track.
Carolyn: Sort of dreamy, late-night stuff.

Artichoke Heart Souffle - Don't Forget About Me
John: That's jaunty isn't it.
Carolyn: Very! I like it though.
John: They're a brother and sister act - Brad and Stacy Michaelson from LA - and that's off 'Treble And Bass' which is out now.
Carolyn: I'll be checking that out.

One Degree of Separation
Mr Scruff - Jazz Potato
Hot Chip - Over And Over
John: One of Hot Chip's better known ones, that's from back in 2004 off the album 'Coming On Strong'. Before that, Mr Scruff - Andy Carthy from Macclesfield - from 1997's self-titled album. Potato. Chip. I think you get it...

Seams - Rilo
John: One last German one - sort of. Seams is James Welsh - born in Britain, but based in Berlin - and that comes off the album 'Quarters' which comes out next Monday, the 16th.

Cloud Control - Scar
John: New single from the New South Wales band. This is getting airplay everywhere, but I don't mind giving it a spin too. That's off 'Dream Cave' which was out last month.

And that'll do us for this week. All that's wrapped up in a YouTube playlist here apart from the Applescal and Ryan Davies track which you can find above. We're off next week, bumped for live football commentary, so we're back in a fortnight.

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