Tuesday, 27 June 2017

27 June 2017 - the 200th edition!

Yes, it's show number 200. Unbelievable.
I thought about some sort of retrospective, but then checked my emails, my notebook, my twitter favourites and there's just way too much great new stuff out there to get distracted by navel-gazing. So it's business as usual.

Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit - White Man's World
Good old Alabama folk off Isbell's new one, The Nashville Sound.

The X-Ray Cat Trio - I Lied
And good old rockabilly from the new EP by the Leeds three-piece. This is the title track.

Forest Swords - Arms Out
Liverpool producer Matthew Barnes is Forest Swords and his new one is called Compassion.

Tombstones In Their Eyes - I Want To Fly
We've got quite a bit from LA today, starting with this one from the EP Fear.

Andy K Leland - Home Grown Muck
A new single from Andrea Marcellini as he puts more distance between his former existence as My Cruel Goro bassist.

Imaad Wasif - Carry The Scar
Back to LA. This is off Dzi - pronounced 'zee' - which comes from the Tibetan book of the dead.

The Indelicates - Top Of The Pops
Sussex DIY vaudevillians from the new LP Juniverbrecher, out now.

Forever Cult - Codeine
More Leeds stuff, off the new EP Homewrecker.

Pattern Language - By The Time We Get There
Another track from the album Total Squaresville, this sounds very OMD.

Equinox - Kiss (ft Feral Five)
This is excellent. Equinox are a poetry collective from the North West and have combined with a range of people to set those poems to music. The result is It's Hard To Be Happy When Your Head Is Full Of Sin and it's excellent.

Bonaventure - Supremacy
Soraya Lutagu is Bonaventure - a Swiss/Congolese producer - and that African/European existence informs her new LP Free Lutangu throughout. Exceptional.

Andy Mac - Stormy
Cornish dub now, the flip side of the single Diving Bird 2.

Shinichi Atobe - First Plate 3
And finally, some Japanese house. Three tracks called First Plate appear on Atobe's EP From The Heart, It's A Start, A Work Of Art which is made up of lost tracks from the last 17 years.



Thanks for listening to the past 200 times. We go again.

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