Tuesday, 3 January 2017

3 January 2017

New year, new you? Same show though.

Fightmilk - NYE
Never mind christmas singles, maybe new year singles is a thing that needs to happen more.

Hooton Tennis Club - O Man, Won't You Melt Me?
Merseysiders with another track from their LP Big Box Of Chocolates from last October.

Cattle - Caring
New to us, these are from Leeds. The album Nature's Champion came out on December 23.

Featured album: Vukovar - Fornication
O Superman
We've played stuff from this St Helens trio before, but the new LP, released on the 1st of January, is quite something. It's cover versions, but doing something quite different with them. Like this, a version of the Laurie Anderson classic. Uncategorisable and spellbinding.

Phobophobes - Give Me Flowers, Give Me Grit
A festive treat from the London rockers, released December 21.

Desperate Journalist - Resolution
The lead single from the album Grow Up, their second, which is out in March.

Super Paradise - The FC
From Milan, but now based in London, this is off the album Quençebo which came out in November.

Grey Hairs - Serious Business
The title track from the new LP out on January 13.

Exam Season - Everything Is Salted Caramel
Well, it is isn't it? Released last month on the Art Is Hard label.

Yak - Harbour The Feeling
Another track from the album Alas Salvation which came out last spring. Still bloody marvellous.

Featured album: Vukovar - Fornication
A Grauzone record this time, one that's been covered hundreds of times, but never quite like this.

High Rise Finale - Disarray
A new project from friend of the show Matt Bailey of the Salient Braves, this time in conjunction with producer Neil Ritchie and singer Dani. Find more here.

Deadbeat - Sky Hearse
The Toledo producer with his new album Thumbknobulist. Something to do with gaming, I think.

Optical - Shape The Future VIP
A track from the Save Fabric album. And because I don't play enough drum and bass.

Alone - False Narrative
The 51st track from the project to record and release one track per week in 2016. I'll have the last one next week.




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