Tuesday, 1 September 2015

1 September 2015

I return, slightly less stressed than a month ago. Anyway, I've changed it round a little bit, but the focus still remains new music. Let's see if I can remember which buttons do what on the console. Anyhoo...

John MOuse - Your Funny Little Ways
From Cardiff, John Davies is John MOuse and this is the new single taken from the album The Death Of John MOuse which is tremendous and you should buy it. This is out on the 18th.

Diet Cig - Dinner Date
Also out on the 18th, these are from upstate New York. It's on a double-A side - kids, ask your parents - with Sleep Talk.

Fruit Bomb - Goin' Home
From Manchester and featuring parts of house favourites Nai Harvest, this came out a few weeks ago. I'll be catching up on things from the last month or so for a while yet, methinks.

Featured Album
The Broken Heed - Funny Little Things
New feature section now. The Broken Heed is personal friend John Hartley who, like me, has suffered depression lately. He found CALM - the Campaign Against Living Miserably - a help. One phone call to their impartial hotline costs £7, so John decided to record the album, also called The Broken Heed, to raise money for the charity. It's a very personal album, but also very good. Crowdfunding raised the cash for a physical release. Get it off bandcamp.

Lou Barlow - Moving
A new album, the first in six years, from Mr Barlow. Brace The Wave is out on Friday.

Menace Beach - Ghoul Power
Another track from the new EP Super Transporterreum which is out on the 25th and is excellent.

Houdini Dax - Found Love In The Dole Office
Another one from Cardiff - there is some great stuff coming out of South Wales at the moment. A very pleasing ditty off the album Naughty Nation which is out now.

Poledo - Loser
Oxford now, and this is really pleasing. Off an EP called Egg Ccun Catpil Butfli. Me neither.

Nightingales - The Only Son
Another one from the Birmingham veterans latest LP Mind Over Matter. It really is a superb album. The oldies showing everyone how it's done.

April Towers - A Little Bit Of Fear
To Nottingham now. This came out last Friday.

Bruja - Horsey & You
Bruja means witch in Spanish, as anyone familiar with Juan Sebastian Veron will already know. Anyway, these are from Barnsley and this is off a self-titled album which is out now.

Featured Album
The Broken Heed - How To Be A Man
Another from our featured album of the week. There are so many things trying to tell you what being a man is. It's all meaningless.

Ceiling Demons - Even If
Mysterious Yorkshiremen purveying alternative hip-hop. Bit different innit.

Traams - Succulent Thunder Anthem
I doubt we've had a Chichester band on before. Difficult to know what you'd be influenced by down there. Either way, I like this. Off Modern Dancing which is out in November.

Sextile - Can't Take It
An LA band and off the album A Thousand Hands which came out last week.

Lesbian Horse - They Are A Part Of The Wave Of The Future
Another one from this project which I've played before. Since then, I've been in touch with the brains of the operation which is Sam Jones, a France-based Welshman. No albums. No physical releases. Just watch the stars (well, social media) and keep your ears open.

Here's that on YouTube:

And Soundcloud:

And I guess we'll give it a whirl next week as well.

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