Tuesday, 30 June 2015

30 June 2015

Hello again. I think this is one of the best shows I've had the pleasure of putting together. Dive in and enjoy.

Mourning Birds - The Last Thing (I Need)
Kent's leading rockers with their new single - a bit of an epic by their standards - from their debut, eponymous album which came out yesterday.

Nightingales - Gales Doc
New stuff from old bands is a bit of a thing at the moment. From the album Mind Over Matter comes this knowing, self-referential mockumentary which also takes a poke at modern documentary structure, which frankly deserves it. The album is great. Go listen when you're done here.

Girls Names - Reticence
This is ace. From Belfast, the album Arms Around A Vision is due in October.

Cover Version Corner
The Vogues/Julian Cope - Five O'Clock World
My Nation Underground is atypical Cope. It's over-produced and Copey himself was so clearly unhappy with it that he went off and put out two lo-fi, stripped back albums - Droolian and Skellington - while it was still in production. But he still managed to make an updated version of The Vogues' classic.

Musa Okwonga - Ring The Bells
A new single from the London poet now based in Berlin. The beats mate nicely with his voice - complementary and neither overpowering nor underwhelming. A top effort.

Seazoo - Martyn And Jayne
Good things are coming out of Wales right now. These are from Wrexham and the EP Car Deborah - no, me neither - is out now.

Heartless Bastards - Gates Of Dawn
A total misnomer of a band name given how pleasant that is. They're from Austin in Texas and the album Restless Ones is out next month.

Frontwards - Speechless
To Leeds now and Sad Sack Records have put out a compilation, as they do from time to time, showcasing their bands. I Was A Teenage Sad Sack is the title and this is on it.

Numbers Are Futile - Monster
Based in Edinburgh, but originating from all over the place, there's a very Middle Eastern influence to that. Really rather delightful. Sunlight On Black Horizon is the album and it came out last month.

Repo Man - Static Excess Strobe Effect
Obviously influenced by the same Alex Cox films that I was as a kid. These are from Bristol and the album Minesweeping is out now.

One Degree of Separation
BEAK> - The Meader
<KAEB - When We Fall
Also from Bristol, BEAK> have made a split EP with their own alter egos <KAEB. See what they did there? It's something we've seen elsewhere - Sauna Youth swap instruments and become Monotony, for example - and allegedly allows them to explore sounds outwith their usual oeuvre. Fair enough. Works for me.

Drewford Alabama - Time Is On Your Side (ft Bnann)
Jamie Morrison is Drewford Alabama and this is out in three weeks time.

Doomsquad - Apocalypso
That's a great name for a single. Doomsquad are sibling trio Trevor, Jaclyn and Allie Bulmas from Toronto. This appears on Pageantry Suite which is out now.

Joi - Asian Vibes
A new retrospective of Joi's work is out now, the early stuff with both Haroon and Farook Shamsher and, after Haroon's sad death in 1999, Farook's solo work. Joi Sound System is what you're looking for here.

Here's that on YouTube:

and Souncloud:

and we'll do it again next week.

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