Tuesday, 19 May 2015

19 May 2015

Hello again. I'm tired and behind schedule, so less chat more music.

Thee Faction - Employment
Still annoyed with the election and work very much is a four-letter word. Off 2013's Good Politics.

The Novatones - Daddy Didn't Know
You know, sometimes I play tracks that at the time of putting the show together I'm not sure about. Now, I really can't see what I saw in this Jamie-bloody-T-doing-an-impression-of-The-fucking-Libertines effort. Learned my lesson though.

Happy Hollows - Astrid
That's more like it. Out on May 24.

Cover Version Corner
The Cure/8:58 - A Forest
A classic from 1980 and the album Seventeen Seconds. And then, from the album 8:58, Paul Hartnoll's version with vocal assistance from the Unthanks.

Suck Puppet - Happy Meal
Grunge-tastic from Connecticut.

Birdskulls - Good Enough
Good enough for me, that's for sure. These are from Brighton and that's on an LP called Trickle.

Wild Billy Childish And The Spartan Dreggs - Fen Raft Spider
Record of the week. Off the new album called Archaeopteryx Vs Coelacanth. Of course. Out now on Squoodge.

FFS - Johnny Delusional
When it was announced that Franz Ferdinand and Sparks were merging to form FFS and their debut single was called Piss Off, it was April 1. I assumed it was a joke then and I'm still not certain that it isn't. Anyway, the LP FFS is due on June 9 unless I am right and it's all a massive hoax. Which it still might be. FFS indeed. Good though, innit.

JD Meatyard - Waves
John Donaldson, erstwhile of Levellers Three and Calvin Party, is JD Meatyard. The new album is Taking The Asylum and it's very good indeed.

Kid Wave - Honey
Splendid. More where that came from on Wonderlust, out June 1.

One Degree of Separation
Extradition Order - Boy In Uniform
Gang Of Four - I Love A Man In Uniform
Flipping love Gang Of Four. That's from 1982 and the LP Songs Of the Free. Before that, from Warrington and off the new album Kennedy. It's not biographical as such, but draws on the JFK era. They say it contains "the only disco anthem about Lyndon B Johnson seeking the Democratic nomination for the 1960 Presidential Election". Fair enough.

Summer Camp - Bad Love
The title track to their new LP out next week. 

Saffron - Morning Levine
Not the former lead singer of Republica, rather a Canadian producer (damn you, internet). The new album is Petra II. Different from what Republica did with their hit.

The Cyclist - Heart Of Stone
And to finish, Derry's Andrew Morrison is The Cyclist and the EP Hothouse came out last month. And this is just superb.

Here's that on Youtube:

and Soundcloud:

and I'll see you next week.

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