Tuesday, 30 September 2014

30 September 2014

More of the same, so soap up and slide on in...

The Vaselines - High Tide Low Tide
That's how you start a show. From the new album V For Vaselines which came out yesterday. Wonderful stuff.

Bear In Heaven - Autumn
Well it is autumn now. The album Time Is Over One Day Old came out in August. I'm just catching up with that.

Coves - Wake Up
Played these before, but some time ago. The album Soft Friday came out in March, but it's worth going back to dig this out. Wonderful track.

Cover Version Corner
The Fall/Sonic Youth - My New House
The Fall now become my most played band in the two-and-a-bit years we've been doing this show. That's off the 1985 album This Nation's Saving Grace. After that, Sonic Youth. Never put the word 'youth' in a band name. It looks silly further down the line. Anyway, that's off the EP 4 Tunna Brix which came out in 1990.

Thee Faction - Better Than Wages
From last year, but no better time to play it than during the Conservative party conference as they seek out new ways to enfeeble the feeble. Good Politics is the album and they're from Reigate in Surrey.

Broncho - Class Historian
Bronco or Bron-cho? Dunno. I think this could split a room between those that like it and those that find the da-da-das a bit annoying. Anyway, I'm in the former camp. They're from Oklahoma and the album Just Enough Hip To Be A Woman came out two weeks ago.

Keen On Girls - Sea Wave
This is a collaboration of two Californian bands - The Bilinda Butchers and Pastel Ghost. The result is delightful and available on an Eardrums Pop compilation called Between Two Waves - The Second Wave.

Sleep Thieves - You Want The Night
To Dublin now. Off an album of the same name which came out in June.

Joanna Gruesome - Coffee Implosion
The latest single from the show favourites from Cardiff. This is the new release from the acclaimed Weird Sister album.

Vomitface - Sloppy Joes
Terrible, terrible name for a band offset by the fact that this is one of the best things I've heard all year. Off a self-titled EP available from their bandcamp page.

One Degree of Separation
Lemonade - Durutti Shores
Durutti Column - Otis
Both owing something to Spanish anarchist Buenventura Durruti who fought against the Francoists as Spain headed to civil war. That Lemonade track is off the album Minus Tide which came out earlier this month and the Durutti Column one from 1989 release Vini Reilly.

Medicine - Move Along Down The Road
When I was putting the show together I thought I liked this. Now I don't think I do. Ah well, that's how it goes sometimes. It's on the album Home Everywhere which is out next month.

The Soundcarriers - Let It Ride
Another poor effort for a name. Would-be bands; do check out @fantasy_bands on Twitter for some suggestions. But their LP Entropicalia which came out in May is bloody brilliant. There will be more from that coming up in future weeks.

Paul Read And The Invisible Band - Circles
A local bunch now. There's an EP due out soon and with a bit of luck some gigs in the vicinity. Hope so anyway. Good stuff, that.

Here's most of that on YouTube:

And much of it is on Soundcloud too.

Back for more next week.

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