Tuesday, 18 March 2014

18 March 2014

Back once again, this week with a slightly Scandinavian feel. Let's crack on.

The Fall - The War Against Intelligence
The first Fall track I ever heard and been a fan ever since. From the 1991 album 'Shift-Work'.

Liars - Mess On A Mission
Love this so much. So much going on there. From the new album 'Mess' which is out next Monday.

Howlin' Wolf - Smokestack Lightnin'
Because why not. Chester Burnett was his name and this is off his debut album from back in 1959 called 'Moanin' In The Moonlight'. Lots of apostrophes...

Cover Version Corner
New Order/Flunk - Blue Monday
Flunk are from Oslo and that's off their 2002 album 'For Sleepyheads Only'. Before that, they don't need an introduction. So I won't give them one. The Flunk version is one of those that I heard in the pub and identified by the wonder of Shazam. Ain't modern technology wonderful?

Todd Terje - Delorean Dynamite
Staying in Norway, Terje Olsen is from MjĂžndalen. He's released plenty of stuff, but his first long-player is due out in April. 'It's Album Time'. Great name.

Lust For Youth - Another Day
To Sweden now and Hannes Norvide's Lust For Youth. This is one of those I've had hanging around for ages and now finally got chance to play. It came out on the album 'Perfect View' last summer.

One Degree of Separation
Underworld - Dark And Long
Propellerheads - Take California
First, from 1994, a terrific track from Underworld, followed by one from four years later by Propellerheads. The link is in the album titles. 'dubnobasswithmyheadman' is the Underworld one - a brilliant piece of work, still - and the Propellerheads with 'decksanddrumsandrockandroll'.

Silkken Laumann - Giving You Up
Fast becoming one of my favourite contemporary bands, I've played quite a few tracks from the album 'Not Forever Enough'. Because it's great.

Boards Of Canada - Happy Cycling
If I want to relax, this is my go to record. It's just great the way it develops. It was a bonus track on 'Music Has The Right To Children' from 1998 and I will never tire of it.

No show next week - blame Middlesbrough for that - so back in a fortnight.
In the meantime, here's that on YouTube:

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See you in two weeks

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