Tuesday, 25 February 2014

25 February 2014

Another Tuesday, so let's see what's in the box this week.

Outfit - Everything All The Time
What a way to start. That's lovely from one of the hottest bands around. The album 'Performance' is out now, but this is from an EP called 'Another Night's Dreams Reach Earth Again' which came out in 2012.

Pastel Colours - She Can't Decide
Another one from the Art Is Hard stable from down in the West Country.

Howling Bells - Slowburn
To Australia now, and the first release from Howling Bells in three years. This came out last week.

Cover Version Corner
Nirvana/Patti Smith - Smells Like Teen Spirit
That's what this section is all about. Completely different versions. Smith has turned it into something completely separate from the original.

Applescal - Give Me A Moabit
Pascal Terstappen is Applescal, a show favourite. This is new and off an Atomnation compilation.

Titeknots - Wordy
This passed me by on it's release last autumn, but I'm so glad I've caught up with it now. A very late-90s Balearic feel to it.

The Strypes - Hard To Say No
To Ireland now and these lads from County Cavan off an EP called '4-Track Mind'. A bit Bloc Party in feel, but certainly different enough to help it stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Retrojet - Murky Window
I don't think we've had a band from Doncaster on before, but that's been remedied now. The title track off a new EP, I really like that. Nice use of brass.

One Degree Of Separation
Tom Lehrer - The Elements
Lemon Jelly - Elements
Time listening to Lemon Jelly is always spent. We must have played every track off 'Lost Horizons' now. Before that, satirist, humorist, mathematician, polymath Tom Lehrer. Recorded in 1959 it includes all the elements up to Nobelium. There have been many more found since then and it wouldn't scan now.

Dust - 1515
Out this month on a Sisterjam compilation called 'Bushwick Is Melting volume 1'. On the back of this, very much looking forward to volume 2.

Ashley Beedle ft Earl Zinger -  Ghost Dancers
I've been after this for ages and finally got my hands on it. This came out last October and it's been on my list since then. Worth the wait.

Lee Bannon - Prime/Decent
Another one I've been waiting a long time to acquire. This is off the album 'Alternate/Endings' which came out last month. It's a belter.

Pins - Waiting For The End
An all-girl band from Manchester, the album 'Girls Like Us' came out last month. Perky, punky, bang on.

Colourmusic - Dreamgirl '82
And to end, from the forthcoming album 'May You Marry Rich', is this utter delight. It is pretty much everything I want from a record.

Here's that on a combination of YouTube:

and Soundcloud:

Back next week with more, after a refreshing mini-break.

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