Wednesday, 8 January 2014

7 January 2014

New year, a new you. Well, a new voice for me anyway. Sounding more like Howlin' Wolf after a heavy night on the whiskey and cigars (i.e. I had a bit of a sore throat), it's more tunes and less chat which probably suits the majority.

Pixies - Blue-Eyed Hexe
New from Pixies. Following up last year's EP1 comes the startlingly imaginatively named EP2. EP3 will follow in April and who knows, maybe they'll not change bassist for that one. That role is beginning to resemble that of Spinal Tap's drummer.

Maximo Park - Leave This Island
I'm a fan and the prospect of the forthcoming 'Too Much Information', due out on February 3, is exciting. This is just gorgeous.

Africa Express ft. Ghostpoet and Doucoura - Season Change
One of last year's more interesting projects was Africa Express, something Damon Albarn is involved in. This features Malian drum band Doucoura and the lyrical stylings of Ghostpoet. Lovely stuff.

Cover Version Corner
Kaiser Chiefs/Bonzo Dog Doodah Band - I Predict A Riot
Gloriously silly stuff from the Bonzos from whom it is always a pleasure to hear. That's off the 2007 reunion album 'Pour L'Amour Des Chiens - for the love of dog - albeit very sadly without Vivian Stanshall. Before that, of course the Kaiser Chiefs from their 2005 debut 'Employment'. Lots of woah-woah-woahs and la-la-las which have become their slightly tedious trademark.

Prefab Sprout - The Best Jewel Thief In The World
Another curio that largely by-passed me at the time was the album 'Crimson/Red' - a reference to Mark Rothko it says here - which came out last year. It's pretty much just Paddy McAloon these days, but none the worse for that. Not sure about the synthesised harmonica though.

Stupid Robots - Nightshift
Bryan Drummond from Dunblane is Stupid Robots and this is off 'The Rural Electrification Administration', which is easy for you to say. Delightful.

The War On Drugs - Red Eyes
A couple of records off the Secretly Canadian label now. First, Philadelphia's The War On Drugs. That's off 'Lost In The Dream' which comes out on March 18, when it will hopefully be less crappy weather than tonight.

Damien Jurado - Silver Timothy
He's from Seattle and 'Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Son' is out in a couple of weeks time. Kind of a bossa nova feel to that in places.

One Degree Of Separation
Gil Scott Heron - Johannesburg
Latin Quarter - No Rope As Long As Time
Of course the big story while we were on our break was the sad death of Nelson Mandela, so here are two records with an anti-apartheid message. First, and I can't believe we've not played anything by him before, Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson from the 1976 album 'From South Africa To South Carolina' and then Latin Quarter from 'Modern Times' which came out in 1985.

Holy Ghost! - Okay (a/jus/ted remix)
The album 'Dynamics' came out in September last year, but this track passed me by. A wonderful remix from Justin Strauss and Teddy Stuart.

East India Youth - Dripping Down
William Doyle is East India Youth and 'Total Strife Forever' is out next week. I did go looking for a different track for this week, but this one got in the way and stuck in my head. I'm sure I'll be playing more of young Master Doyle in the future.

I Break Horses - Denial
To Sweden now. These are from Stockholm and this came out last summer. Again, I question how I missed it at the time.

Colour Of Bone - Keep It That Way
Also from last summer, apparently these feature a lad who starred in Whitechapel. Which I've not seen, but remains one for trivia fans.

Donna Summer - I Feel Love
One chap who did have a good 2013 and something of a career revival, thanks in part to Daft Punk, was Giorgio Moroder. Here's where it started, back in 1977.

Iron Galaxy - The Attendant Army Of Rats
And we close with a dreamy slice of electronica. Iron Galaxy is Adam Hodgins from Montreal and this is off and EP called 'Things We Lost Along The Way' which is another one from last summer that I missed.

More next week when I hope to be able to talk in something other than a gravelly whisper.

Meantime, here's that on YouTube except for the Stupid Robots track which is above:

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