Monday, 8 April 2013

8 April 2013

Back after the Easter break, and John's bang on the bonce, with some Monday night bangers.

Dan Le Sac - Four Thousand Thumbnails
John: One of our favourites with a treat for his fans on his recent birthday. Once this hit 4000 views on YouTube, he gave it away as a free download. Which was nice.

Mat Zo and Porter Robinson - Easy
John: In a proper late '90s/early 2000s club style, that's proper banging.
Carolyn: Listeners should note that when we had this on in the car yesterday, John was throwing some serious shapes. Good job we were in a massive queue.
John: That's Matan Zohar from London and Porter Robinson from North Carolina and it's out now.

Visuals - Levitation
John: From Brooklyn, that's Marshall Ryan and Andrew Fox. It's got a real Joy Division-y feel to it, certainly in the bass and the guitars. It's available as a pay-what-you-like download from their bandcamp site.

Cover Version Corner
Rolling Stones/Devo - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
John: Devo, very much of the burgeoning MTV scene, had a very visual element to their work. That's from the 1977 EP 'Be Stiff'. The Stones, of course, need no introduction. We play them as they've been in the news lately with concerts in Hyde Park - not free, £300 this time - and headlining Glastonbury. That's from 1965.

Vitalic - Fade Away
John: Vitalic is Frenchman Pascal Arbez. That's off the album 'Rave Age' which came out last December. It sounds like a number of things, none of which I can place.

Tomorrow's World - Drive
John: Keeping it French, this is Jean-Benoit Dunkel - him out of Air - and Lou Hayter. We've played them before, but this is the second track from the album 'Tomorrow's World' which is out today. And yes they are named after the TV show.

Spectrals - Milky Way
John: Someone else we've had before, this is Louis Smith from Heckmondwike, now firmly part of the Leeds scene. It's off the forthcoming long-player 'Sob Story' and is very jaunty indeed.
Carolyn: Always good to play local stuff. We do a lot from all over the world, which is great, but also good not to forget those closer to home.

One Degree Of Separation
Boards Of Canada - roygbiv
Public Service Broadcasting - roygbiv
John: We've been championing PSB like few others. 'Inform, Educate, Entertain' is out next month and I can't wait to get hold of it.
Carolyn: We like them.
John: Before that, a track we have played before, a 1998 10" single which I adore. The link is the title. Nothing else.

Menace Beach - Drop Outs
John: Back to Leeds now for some lo-fi goodness. It's out on a limited release on Rough Trade records.

Tricky - Nothing's Changed
John: New from the Bristol trip-hop veteran, from the forthcoming album 'False Idols' which is out next month. You can grab this as a free download from his website.

Serafina Steer - Disco Compilation
John: Not enough harp on this show. This is off the album 'The Moths Are Real' which is out about now, I think.
Carolyn: A bit bass-heavy isn't it?
John: No such thing as too much bass.

And here's a website-only bonus, apropos of nothing:

Here's all that wrapped up in a YouTube playlist for you, minus the Visuals track which isn't on there.

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