Monday, 11 March 2013

11 March 2013

The usual mix of new and old, a football theme later on, but we start with an old favourite.

Len - Steal My Sunshine
John: From way back in 1999, that. Their only hit, from the album 'You Can't Stop The Bum Rush'.
Carolyn: Takes us both back a bit, there. And why are we playing that?
John: Well for two days last week, it felt like spring. And then someone nicked the sun and it's freezing now.

British Sea Power - Machineries Of Joy
John: New from these, from the forthcoming album also called 'Machineries Of Joy' which is out on April 1 and I really like that.

B>E>A>K - Night Owls
John: A Sunderland supergroup, that's a paean to a popular nightspot in the town.
Carolyn: Are there enough bands to form a supergroup?
John: There are members of Field Music, Futureheads, Lake Poets, Lorry... That's available as a free download from their bandcamp page.

Cover Version Corner
Lykke Li/Triggerfinger - I Follow Rivers
John: A pan-European cover version corner. Triggerfinger are from Antwerp and that was a non-album single that then cropped up on a 'B-sides/various' compilation last year. It's a bit of a cheat on the first one as it's the Magician Mix of Lykke Li's 2011 single off the album 'Wounded Rhymes'.

High Hazels - French Rue
John: I've been after this for a while. From Sheffield, which might be why I'm drawing parallels with Richard Hawley.
Carolyn: Yeah, it's got a bit of a Sheffield sound.

Public Service Broadcasting - Signal 30
John: Favourites of ours, this is off the forthcoming album 'Educate, Entertain' which I am very much looking forward to.
Carolyn: Yes, very much like these. I think it only works with American and received pronunciation in a 1950s style. I don't think a modern public information film would work.
John: And perhaps Chris Huhne could have done to listen to the original films about 10 years ago.

The Besnard Lakes - People Of The Sticks
John: From Montreal, the driving force behind these is husband and wife Jake Lasek and Olga Goreas. That's off the album 'Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO' which is out on the 2nd of April.
Carolyn: There's something about that I didn't like. Something underneath that made me think about swimming underwater.

One Degree of Separation
Art Brut - St Pauli
The Fall - Theme From Sparta FC #2
John: 26 shows and this is the first time we've played The Fall. That's slacking. That came out in 2004, off the album 'The Real New Fall LP, Formerly Country On The Click'. Art Brut are one of those bands that cling to silly names - Eddie Argos, Freddie Feedback and suchlike - and that was off their second album 'It's A Bit Complicated' from 2007.
Carolyn: And the link?
John: European football clubs. St Pauli are from Hamburg while Sparta FC... Well it could be Rotterdam or Prague, I suppose.
Carolyn: It's a bit tenuous. You just wanted to play those records, didn't you?
John: I wanted to play Art Brut, then went looking for a link elsewhere and, like I say, it's high time we played The Fall.

Toy - My Heart Skips A Beat
John: Another band we've played a few times. That's the new single from the debut album 'Toy' which really is something. Such a variety on there, from poppy tracks like Lose My Way, through this which is just damned pleasant to the 10-minute epic that is Kopter. It really is very good indeed.
Carolyn: Yes, we like those a lot. That's just a lovely track.

Haight Ashbury - Blow Your Mind
John: Another one I've been after for a while. These are from Glasgow, but named after the area of San Francisco, and it's off the album 'Perhaps?', their third, which is out in May. Psych-folk, I think they call it.
Carolyn: Oh, that's a genre is it? I'd have filed it under 'nice'.
John: Well, it's got folk elements and a bit of a '60s/'70s San Francisco hippy vibe, hasn't it?

Lapalux - Guuurl
John: Lapalux is Stuart Howard from Essex and that's 'Guuurl', with three Us.
Carolyn: Another daft spelling... I don't particularly like that, the distortion effects.
John: That's what sets it apart for me. You'll like the album title, I think: 'Nostalchic'.
Carolyn: Yeah, alright. I'll let him off.

Mogwai - Modern
John: To finish, the new one from Glasgow favourites Mogwai. From the forthcoming album 'Les Revenants' which, as you don't need me to tell you, is French for ghosts.
Carolyn: I was just about to...
John: Nothing too much new there. The usual cinematic qualities, which is no bad thing.

And here's all that in a YouTube playlist.

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