Monday, 21 January 2013

14 January/21 January 2013 (postponed)

This is the show we were going to do on the 14th, but was postponed as the studio was closed as a result of the inclement weather. So we put it back a week and what do you know? Yep. It was far worse and the studio was closed again. So we're doing it here as an online-only thing, mainly because we need to clear the playlist down to keep up with all the new releases we want to play. So, you lucky readers, lend us your ears...

Pulp - After You
New stuff! From Pulp! And it flicks all the usual Pulp buttons. "From disco to disco, Safeway to Tesco...". Classic Cocker. This was given away at their christmas gigs, but worked up into something more polished as word got round.

Eels - Peach Blossom
New stuff! From Eels! It's not a complex record, but it's catchy as hell and comes off the album 'Wonderful, Glorious' which is out next month.

Villagers - Nothing Arrived
Subtitled 'A day in the life of Terence Bliss', it's a really nice tune, but quite bleak lyrically. Villagers are from Dun Laoghaire and this is off 'Awayland' which came out on January 11.

Cover Version Corner
France Gall/Oberkampf - Poupee De Cire, Poupee De Son
Composed by Serge Gainsbourg, France Gall was Luxembourg's Eurovision representative in 1965. The song, and further Gall/Gainsbourg collaborations, proved controversial - the title translates as 'doll of wax, doll of sawdust' and was seen as Gainsbourg being the puppetmaster of a young and fragile girl. Oberkampf are a Parisian punk outfit and that was recorded in the early '80s.

Everything Everything - Kemosabe
We like these. They dare to be different. This is the new single, out January 14, the same date as the long-awaited album 'Arc'.

Billy Bragg - Thatcherites
Still relevant as more of the family silver gets sold off for nothing more than ideology. This is off 'Bloke On Bloke' from 1997.

Daniel Pearson - Factory Floor
The heir-apparent to the Bard of Barking that we've just heard. What more could they want from us? The album 'Mercury State' is due... soon.

Drowners - Long Hair
Sub-two minutes. Brevity is good. This is out on February 4 and they're from Skellefteham in Sweden.

Mew - Am I Wry? No
Staying in Scandinavia, but across the sound to Denmark. This is from 2000, off the album ' Half The World Is Watching Me'.

Kris Menace feat. Miss Kittin - Hide
Heading further south, into Germany. Kris Menace is Christoph Hoeffel from Landau In-der-Platz and this came out last April.

Leisuregroove - Little Love
From 2007, off a Hed Kandi compilation. Kind of mellow, not too heavy... just nice for a low-tempo Saturday night.

One Degree of Separation
Tomorrow's World - So Long My Love
Air - Cherry Blossom Girl
Air's Jean-Benoit Dunckel's new project is Tomorrow's World and the EP, also called 'So Long My Love' was out last October. As Air, alongside Nicolas Godin, Cherry Blossom Girl came out in 2004 and is off the album 'Talkie Walkie' which is still brilliant.

Beach House - Zebra
This from the Baltimore duo is a couple of years old now, off an EP also called 'Zebra'.

Transformer - Dragonfly
From Brighton, this came out the middle of last month. Not sure how you'd describe it - nouveau disco-funk, possibly?

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - We No Who U R
First track off the Aussie veteran's new album 'Push The Sky Away' which is out on February 18.

Kabbala - Ashewo Ara
Early '80s Ghanaian funk off an album called 'The Shrine'.

Rachel Zeffira - The Deserters
From her debut album of the same name which came out last month, we reckon we'll be hearing a lot about this Canadian singer-songwriter in 2013.

Team Ghost - Dead Film Star
Another ex-member of a French electronica act, this is by Nicolas Fromageau, ex of M83 and came off an EP, also called 'Dead Film Star' out last year.

Tom Odell - Can't Pretend
Another one of these BBC Sound of 2013 doo-dahs. Now we've heard a lot of this type of thing and it's here today, gone tomorrow. We like this and think the boy has got something a little bit extra. We shall see. This is off an EP called 'Songs From Another Love' and came out last October.

Mazzy Star - Fade Into You
Fully 19 years old now, from the album 'So Tonight That I Might See'. And it fades out the show for this week and fades out what we've had clogging the box up for a fortnight.

With a bit of luck - well, not luck so much as less snow - we'll actually be in the studio next week. We've certainly plenty of new stuff to tickle your lugholes with.

Meanwhile, here's all the above compiled into a YouTube playlist.

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